Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrifty DIY Farmhouse Display Cabinet

I decided I needed a display cabinet for my shop 
but didn't want to spend much money.  
With all the scrap wood we have around here, I figured Walter could build me something in no time flat.
He used 2 & 1/4 sheets of 3/4" plywood,
16 pieces of tongue & groove
and five 8' fascia pieces
All 4 sides are cut from one piece of plywood.  
The top, bottom and 10 shelves are cut from the other
2 & 1/4 pieces of plywood.
The fascia is 1 1/2" wide by 3/4" deep.  Walter ripped them on the table saw but you can purchase them 
at Home Depot for under $10.00.
The 16 pieces of tongue & groove cost me 
$12.00 at a yardsale
He built each unit individually 
and then screwed them together so I would 
be able to separate them later, if I so desired.
Sorry I don't have more pictures of the process but Walter had them built so fast I didn't get a chance to get photos.
Each 12" shelf was nailed in from the sides with a
nail gun and the holes were filled.

The fascia was added.....ready for paint.
The wood is rough but 2 coats gave me the 
look I wanted and covered well.

I mixed the paint color myself to get this soft grey that I had in mind.  Oops paint is perfect for this at $5.00 per gallon in most paint stores. This paint was originally $60.00 per gallon.  I have quite a collection of Oops paint.
(paint that has been mixed incorrectly so they put it on the Oops rack)
  When mixing your paint color, always start with the lighter color first and then slowly add your darker colors while stirring.  You can always make a color darker but it is much harder to lighten a color.
It is also just fine to mix different brands and different finishes.  Using some semi gloss will still give you a mostly flat look but be somewhat more durable.
Now the fun part......
Filling them with the items that I had nowhere to display!

Monday, January 30, 2012

We Have Updated Our Website

We are busy working to update the
Small Holdings Farm website...
to make it more user friendly.  Hope you like it.

Now you can shop online for items that we will ship

or shop locally - for items that are pick-up only

We are also working on redesigning the shop

We have lots of new painted furniture

And Farm Tables

and I know I'm pushing Spring, but....
we are excited about our new collection of garden items

We will have a whole new selection of driftwood sailboats and whale cut-outs along with other new barn board designs

Finding new lighting and industrial elements
for your home is on the top of my list

Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Guest Post From Our Friend at Shabby Loco

Today we are featuring a Guest Post from Melissa 
Check out her unique & fun style.....we fell in love with her!

Hello erry' body!
My name is Melissa, and I am the proud blog momee of Shabby LOCO. Firstly, I would like to thank Linda and Sherron for asking me to guest post here today with you all. I consider myself to be somewhat of a smartaleck, potty mouther...so when other people can appreciate a "REAL" blog, it's kinda cool!  

I started my blog kind of as a sounding board for the ideas swimming around in my A.D.D head and to show others how to achieve the shabby look that I acquire with my furniture. I live here in Orange County, California (Yes. My breasts are real and no, my hair is not blond.. So there!  ) I am a wife to 1 and mom to 3. I own a loan signing service and in my spare and in between times I refinish furniture and Sail..NO, Not THAT kind of sailing! The GOOD kind! Garage sailing, estate sailing, and yard sailing...you get me? COOL, Well, enough about me....let's get down and dirty shall we?

This piece here, I got from the all mighty, heaven sent site know as "CRAIGSLIST" (insert blinding white light and trumpets!) YES, I have a small addiction.. but who doesn't have their vices!? Anywho, picked this baby up for a steal and got busy! Here is her before..

 (P.S, I am BIG on pictures, I am a very visual learner and I just think that sometimes a picture can say and give so much more detail than my little brain could ever come up with!)

As some my already know…I LURRRRRVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and swear by it 1,000%! So with the steps of sanding and priming not necessary..I can get down to the fun stuff!!

I brought her inside..

(YES, I do MOST of my painting inside, ANOTHER plus of this paint, low VOC’s)

Clean her up! I use a 10:1 ratio mixture of TSP and water.

After I wipe her dirty butt DOWN!  eewwwwww

I take out all the drawers, flip her on her top and get started

(Painting all the legs and hard to reach areas first, (I Feel) saves me lots of time bent over like a damn contortionist, AND I can get to and cover all the little hard to reach areas easier.

For this piece, I used ASCP’s “Pure White”

Now, this paint is puuuuuurrdy darn thick straight out of the can SO. I myself, I like to get my little stirring stick, stir up the paint well, then I put that same stick in a cup of water to rinse it off. When I am ready to thin out my chalk paint, I use that same “Stir stick water” that I have in my cup and thin the paint that way. As you can see, I used half of a grande starbucks cup to paint this whooooole piece. So, the price is up there on this stuff BUT it goes a looong way and you get A LOT of your money!

So, after I painted two coats on her..heerreee she is (Pre-distressing, of course)

I used #120 grit sand paper to rough her up a bit, and I used cabinet scraping tools to do the chipping (IF you don’t have cabinet scrapers, then a paint scraper will work as well.)    

After Chipping and sanding the edges..

I finished the desk by hand waxing it in clear wax for MOST of the piece and then a little dark wax around the feet and drawer handles where it would naturally get more oils and dinged up..VOILE!...

Here’s the before & After

Well, That's all folks!
Thanks for checking out my post and I Hope you enjoyed it =)
See ya' round Shabby LOCO sometime!



Thanks Melissa....that was great!  
That desk looks incredible...like original paint!