Monday, December 17, 2012

Random Picks of Everyday Items in Decorating

Using random items in everyday decorating
help you to acheive an interesting and novel look
Signs can bring Interest and color to an area and
 be a vehicle for conversation

For a more cohesive look collections are the ticket
Mix pretty with industrial and/or surprise vintage objects
for an individual style and an interesting home

Antique Keys are both fun and interesting to collect
They are also pretty easy to find and come in large sizes
An old lantern and a model boat
gives you the feeling of a vintage boat yard
You can sneak an old model boat into almost any decor
Decorating does not have to be a daunting task...everyday items are easy to incorporate with flowers, glassware,
silverplate etc......industrial to fancy.

We Have 4 Winners


      We have 4 winners for our Holiday Give-a-way
Congratulations to our winners!
We picked the names out of the jar and here they are
Karen Z
Linda B
Susan M
Eunice & Tom
You can come to claim your $25.00 Gift Certificate anytime.
Looking forward to seeing you

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That Time Of Year

It's time for our Annual Christmas Barn Sale and Happy Holiday Party

Saturday December 8th  -  9am - 3pm
965 Main Road , Aquebogue, NY 11931
Come one and all
We will be serving Mulled Cider and Cookies
We are collecting warm coats and blankets
for the needy, to be donated to Maureen's Haven
A FREE STOCKING STUFFER to anyone who brings one
Free Raffle:  We are also giving away 4 
                    $25.00 Gift Certificates
The barn looks beautiful and festive
We look forward to seeing you
Click here to see more photos

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Repurposed Home Decor

Farmhouse Fresh Home Decor

Here are some examples of our re-designed and re-purposed home decor
Here we have taken a small horse weather vane
and made a stand from and industrial wheel and a piece of pipe.
It is small enough to incorporate into your decor,
by placing it on top of a farm table or sideboard etc.

On this piece Walter has taken an arrow
that had been attached to something with a collar.
He slid the collar onto an upturned funnel and finished it off
by adding a copper ball to the top with epoxy
This will be a conversation piece anywhere you put it...perfect on a mantle

This piece is the easiest since we just placed this fabulous gyro-arrow
on top of a vintage work at all

These are just a few examples
of some of the types of repurposed and re-designed
items we specialize in.

Monday, November 19, 2012

An Easy Christmas Display with Lots of Charm

Capture the Imagination....With a Super Easy Christmas Display

I was lucky...awhile back I came across several of these large, vintage, covered jars
I've used them over and over again for many different items
This year I have transformed it into a Christmas Snow Scene
with just a few items I had around the house
I started out with some plain old rock salt in the bottom of the jar
and added a few bottle brush trees, some small shiny candy canes,
a vintage cardboard house ornament and a
Santa & Sleigh from a Christmas Village Set I have...simple, right!
You can literally use anything you have
We all probably have way too much Christmas decor
packed away....cause it is so irresistible
Here is the finished product

It took no time at all and I Love it

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Cloche or Not to Cloche

Make Your Own Cloche Idea

I love to corral things in groups...cloches make that easy,
So I have been scouring sales to find drinking glasses that were suitable

On this pair, I used a clear Epoxy to glue speckled marbles on top 

On others, we used a combination of cabinet knobs and finials...

The options are endless

An old finial makes a lovely handle for this cloche

Here we used a glass dresser knob in the shape of a star
This particular style ( the star)  is available for sale on the website
Look at how lovely ordinary objects look when cloched

Vintage Shiny Brights sparkle and pop
Antique Railroad Conductor Buttons look regal
Vintage Industrial weights or Antique Jingle Bells remind us of yesteryear
Old ornaments paired with other vintage decor create a unique look
Well....I'm on my way out to look for more 
vintage glasses I can turn into Cloches!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Light Up A Vintage Lantern

I found an easy way to light up this rusty old lantern

Yes....that's Christmas lights!

 Easy and Simple.....but makes a statement

 If there are two ways of doing something.....

I will always pick the simplest

Monday, October 8, 2012

From Primitives to Mid Century Modern

I love it all !

Primitive items are harder and harder to find but when I do find them I have a hard time letting go
sometimes it's hard to remember I have a business and that I can't keep everything
Primitive Wooden Measuring Containers


Definition and Examples

  • Primitive furniture items were crudely made pieces used in place of popular furniture of the era until such time as a better piece could be purchased. Since these pieces were not meant to survive, they were expendable; therefore, they are rare to find today and thus much more valuable. The settle; a seat next to the fireplace; a wagon seat, a double chair for two to sit on a wagon; and a candle stand are all examples of common primitives according to "Field Guide to Early American Furniture."

Differences Between Primitive and Country

  • According to "Country Pine Furniture," primitives closely resemble country furniture. The difference is that primitives are crudely constructed and made from rough-hewn wood. According to Dorothy H. Jenkins, author of "A Fortune In The Junk Pile," country pieces were more likely chairs, rockers and tables made with hand plane, saw, hammer and nails, and were painted and sometimes decorated with stencils to cover mixed wood types. Primitives would not be painted, because they were not meant to last that long.

Read more: Early American Antique Primitive Furniture |

Mid Century Modern is just so darn much fun!
They just add a pop of excitement to whatever space you choose to grace with them

Mid Century Modern Lucite Candle Holders

Mid-Century Modern

Definition: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is a style of furniture design, product design, and architecture that began after World War II and continued into the 1960s. Often called "mod" and most definitely retro this style is marked by simplicity, clean lines, organic forms, and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Though color is used quite a bit in post-war design, mid-century modern is typically less cutesy than the more pop-art offerings of the later 1960s.
 Mid-century design flourished in Europe, particularly Scandinavia, and prominent designers from this period include Finland's Eero Saarinen, American pair Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, and George Nelson. Many of the iconic designs are still being manufactured for sale by brands likeVitra and Kartell.

See the full article at CasaSugar

My point is that since I love it all...
why can't I have it all... 
and so I incorporate both
into my decor to create a look that is 100% Sherron

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simple Fall Porch Decor

Decorating Your Porch For Fall

Your fall decor does not have to be expensive or time consuming 
Sometimes simple....makes a bigger statement

We all love Mums and White Pumpkins are Simply Beautiful

I have an advantage since we do not use our front door, my options are limitless.  
My house is very close to a well traveled road...
so I like to have a large display that can be seen easily by passer-by's.

 I can center my display on the porch for more impact.
 A couple of galvanized buckets and a wicker rocker

A simple and yet beautiful display 
that will last through the fall

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Drop Leaf Table & Other Stuff

From Drab to Fab
I love the way this vintage drop leaf table came out. 
It was a black, boring, ugly it's fabulous. 
Perfect for any small space, as it folds into such a tiny footprint....
you can virtually fit it anywhere.
It was originally a semi gloss black color....yuk!
No need for sanding.  I used Aura flat Matte finish with the primer included in the paint
Benjamin Moore #1506 Polar Frost 
It's a soft grey green color
click the link below for the Benjamin Moore website
I only needed one coat and then just a spot touch up coat. 
When that was dry, I sanded the top and the edges until I got the look I wanted. 
The black layer underneath showed through nicely and made it interesting. 
I then put a coat of water based polyurethane on top, for durability....Perfection!
I am also excited about my recent finds for the Barn. 
 After the Barn Sale, I was kind of  low on merchandise
 but over these last few weeks
 I have managed to restock with tons of exciting and interesting items.
These great end tables....a coat of paint and some new handles....Charming
Lots and lots of Ironstone
I bought out an entire flower frog collection
And this metal basket is one of my favorite finds
There is much more to see
so if you are passing by, stop in for a visit

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Annual Summer Barn Opening This Friday

Finally...the Summer Barn Opening is Here!
(We almost missed the summer....we have been sooooo busy!)

We have had so many sales this summer with 

But the Barn is Ready to Go....
here are some preview pictures
We have lots of great garden stuff...
Things that are intended for the garden and things that just make great garden art.
The yard scape is just plain fun to walk around

The barn is full of new finds....lots of rusty metal,
 industrial, country cottage, garden, farmhouse fresh,
lighting, nautical and Mid century decor. 
 We have many repurposed, transformed, upcycled - Renamed & Reclaimed items!

If you are in the area, drop on by for refreshments and fun

For our website customers....check out our new site
click the link below