Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Repurposed Home Decor

Farmhouse Fresh Home Decor

Here are some examples of our re-designed and re-purposed home decor
Here we have taken a small horse weather vane
and made a stand from and industrial wheel and a piece of pipe.
It is small enough to incorporate into your decor,
by placing it on top of a farm table or sideboard etc.

On this piece Walter has taken an arrow
that had been attached to something with a collar.
He slid the collar onto an upturned funnel and finished it off
by adding a copper ball to the top with epoxy
This will be a conversation piece anywhere you put it...perfect on a mantle

This piece is the easiest since we just placed this fabulous gyro-arrow
on top of a vintage funnel...no work at all

These are just a few examples
of some of the types of repurposed and re-designed
items we specialize in.

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