Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Interesting Things Within A Mile From My House

I've wanted to do a blog about all the fabulous things that are found within a mile from my house.  When I really started looking, there were quite a few.

The first one is right across the street

 There is a Wooden Boat Building Shop across the street from my shop in very large Morton Buildings.

The current boat they are building is huge and fabulous.
The shop was immaculate and well organized

Quite an interesting process to watch.  I'll probably go back a few times before it's finished to watch the progress.  Everyone was very nice to let me in to take pics.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Better Pictures

We have been working diligently on taking better photos
 for the website, blog, facebook, etc

Here are some of our efforts

Sometimes the perfect picture just presents itself

We tried grouping similar items together....came out pretty good

and grouping items that were very different from each other.....Love It!

Sparkly and rusty....a great combo

Not your traditional Easter photo but it works

I love the simplicity in this photo

Grouping similar items always keeps my interest

And I love the unexpected with the huge ship coming in off the side

We have decided that simple is definitely better 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Charms of Silverplate

It's not your Grandmas silver plate....

It has become stylish again...it's all in how you style it

 Polished or Unpolished is a personal preference

The Selection is enormous...these are ice cream forks!

And here are ice tea spoons with the extra bonus 
of being Hotel ware from Bickfords

These are seafood forks

I love these serving spoons that have a gold wash 
on the bowls....helps all that fabulous detail pop

I always mix and match the patterns for my table setting

It is easy to find and still affordable enough to have fun with!
Consider starting a collection today