Monday, October 28, 2013

Antique Cabinets

Cabinets - Antique to New  - Galvanized to Wood

Reclaimed Galvanized Cabinet that was gunky and filthy. After much cleaning, a light sanding and
six coats of water based poly....
we have a masterpiece!
This is a New Galvanized Cabinet with a Medical look. 
The finish is made to look old but it is actually
pretty, clean and  new
Here is an Antique Corner Cabinet that has been given a coat of paint and new handles....
Totally updating it for your modern farmhouse kitchen
This is a sweet, small and narrow cabinet
that would fit perfectly in any small space. 
It is new, and has been painted
and then distressed, to appear old. 
Perfect for the person that likes the look,
but wants it clean and new
The varieties are endless
By the way.....we decided to paint the small desk from last weeks is a photo of the finished product.

Monday, October 14, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint

How do you know when to paint a piece of furniture?
It's not always easy to tell if a piece of furniture should be painted
or left in it's original chippy paint state
 Here is a small desk that looks to be in pretty bad shape. 
We are going to try cleaning it up and then assess if it is too bad and needs
to be painted or if it is just chippy enough to be "charming"
This particular piece has been in an attic for over 100 years...
we are really hoping to salvage the original sweet and delicate
 Here are two side tables that we decided looked better
cleanly painted in a soft grey so they match

 We had a little fun with this corner cabinet, painting the inside beadboard a bright aqua

 This vanity has the look and feel of original paint
but in fact we painted and then distressed it
Here, we decided that although this little end table is quite distressed
it was distressed in just the right amount....ha ha
Items that are very distressed  or shabby look great
next to very clean items with simple lines

Sooo..... largely, to paint or not to paint, depends on condition, style and personal choice

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farm Tables

Small Holdings Farm is currently stocked

with an abundance of farm tables

Here are a few of the farm tables currently available
Made from an old door with it's original paint

Newer natural wood farm table

Original chippy paint sealed with several layers of poly

Made from old barn boards and painted

Original old chippy paint door as the tabletop

Beautiful drop leaf narrow handy for company

One of several galvanized top tables....great look and durability

Mid Century table painted a creamy white

We even have console tables...perfect accent piece

The barn is packed with great finds so check it out this weekend

Several of these farm tables are available on the website for Pick-Up Only

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ethnological Carvings

Vintage Collection from a World Traveler

Masks, Wood Carvings, Ceramic and Metals make up this Collection

I came across this collection of
Ethnological Carvings in my travels.
They are approximately 50 - 60 years old
from a number of different countries.
Some are probably early souvenirs
and others were for ceremonial purposes 

This Rams/Goats head is my favorite....made from a real skull
and jawbone...with real teeth and horns
and then decorated ornately
with tooled copper, brass, tin and several jewels.
Way Cool!