Monday, October 28, 2013

Antique Cabinets

Cabinets - Antique to New  - Galvanized to Wood

Reclaimed Galvanized Cabinet that was gunky and filthy. After much cleaning, a light sanding and
six coats of water based poly....
we have a masterpiece!
This is a New Galvanized Cabinet with a Medical look. 
The finish is made to look old but it is actually
pretty, clean and  new
Here is an Antique Corner Cabinet that has been given a coat of paint and new handles....
Totally updating it for your modern farmhouse kitchen
This is a sweet, small and narrow cabinet
that would fit perfectly in any small space. 
It is new, and has been painted
and then distressed, to appear old. 
Perfect for the person that likes the look,
but wants it clean and new
The varieties are endless
By the way.....we decided to paint the small desk from last weeks is a photo of the finished product.


  1. great em!
    Bec x

    1. Thanks, I love finding interesting pieces and especially ones that I can rescue!


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