Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Blooms of Summer

My Garden is Literally Bursting with Color

But in a very short amount of time
all these lovely blooms will be gone....
So I am enjoying them while they last.

On another note.....I found these fabulous letters and numbers recently and
just wanted you to see them....

I love when I can make words out of the random letters found

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Real Farmers Farm Table

This Chippy Paint Door Makes The Perfect Farm Table

Original layers of paint on this door with several coats of poly (polyurethane) to seal it

The layers of paint add interest and dimension

Key hole and handle holes left as is

One of a kind


Just happened upon these perfect chairs

Look at the depth and character

I am in total love with this table

Meet our antique ceramic frog.....up for adoption

The original hinge cut-outs.....more character
This is such an easy project....
literally anyone could do it....just add an apron and legs.
The trick is finding the perfect door!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September Pretties - In the Garden & in the Shop

September Blooms in Full Swing

Sedum and Ever blooming Roses

If you would like to have an easy to grow, colorful, no care, garden
still in full bloom in the fall use Sedum with your  
Ever blooming Roses or Rose of Sharon trees
interspersed with Hostas that sprout large spikey flowers.
White Hydrangeas look fabulous also at this time of year.
Phlox give a few bright spots against the greenery of Hostas 
and the more subtle colors of the Sedum


Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon comes in dozens of shades of white, pink to red. You can cut them back in early spring to keep them bush-like or let them grow into trees.


Honeysuckle also blooms in the fall,

smells wonderful and is a fast grower


On another note......

Here are the newest additions to the shop

We are now open Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 4pm

Old Original Paint Dresser on Wheels with Matching Mirror

Old Antique Cabinet Storage Boxes....soon to be available on the website

Antique 2 Drawer Blanket Chest

Stripped 4 Drawer End Table