Monday, June 20, 2011

Trouble Free - Magnificent Gardens - On a Budget

I have figured out how to create magnificent gardens that are almost care-free. 
You need very little plant knowledge, experience or money.
Many people spend far too much time working in their garden.  I want to enjoy the results with the least amount of work.
Most of my plantings are perennials.  This is the most economical  way to build gardens. 
Spend your money on perennials, as they come up every year,
and fill in with annuals that have color all summer. Spread out the purchasing of your perennials throughout the summer so they have different bloom times.  A good time to buy is at the end of the season when things are half price.  Check the plant to see that it still looks healthy.
This is one of the rose gardens....and it blooms all summer.
As you will see, my gardens are not formal.  They have a casual look and need very little care, except for watering during the hottest part of the season. 
As the garden matures and fills in, as mine have, I barely ever have to weed.
I love putting surprise objects or things in my garden and you can always
move them to change the look as your garden grows and matures.
Planters and containers of any kind, that can stay out all year,
help to fill in the garden and can create a pop of color anywhere.
I just picked up this urn this weekend at a sale and placed a large annual inside.  
That huge plant was only 9.96 and will bloom all summer.
I have approximately 15 different gardens near the house and 2 small ponds that I built myself.  It took me 5 hours to build my 1st pond. You need an inexpensive liner, a pump and some rocks.  I had collected the rocks ahead of time.  Think small - it is easy and rewarding.

I also have 6 gardens down by the barn.  When we bought this property,
there was only 1 Daffodil.....and no shrubs or trees around the house.   I planted everything myself.  In 10 short years the property is teeming with flowers, shrubs, Privets, Hydrangeas, Lilacs, Roses, grasses and other interesting plants. You will have to pay some attention to sun/shade requirements but it is not set in stone.  
I will post more on this "gardening made easy" subject 
and more photos of my garden as it blooms
If you have any questions...feel free to ask.

Monday, June 13, 2011

From Wow thats OMG

I have had a great yard sale season so far
I know you want to see what I've found!

First the cool stuff......

This little stool with it's tiled it!

This is the most interesting bird feeder I have ever come across
It's made out of a galvanized pail and a garbage can top and it will screw onto a pole

Here is a driftwood planter...well you have to put a pot inside...
Driftwood items are very popular right now so I was happy to find this.

 This wonderful folk art bird house with a tin roof....just so quaint

I cant believe I found this serving perfect to hold all my business cards
I love it so much I almost can't stand it

I was so happy to find this fish pitcher I almost knocked it over grabbing for it
but here it and sound

 This was one of the best finds.....a galvanized large metal locker

 But the weirdest thing, by far, was this empty wasp nest

And I was happy to have it

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Objects in the Garden

Summer Wednesday Garden Party
What is your Gardening Style?
My gardening style is quite relaxed.  I have objects of all kinds squirreled in all sorts of places.  I love to walk around and find a hidden surprise.  This girl is almost obscured by the lush greenery.....but then you notice her.

I am continually surprised in my own gardens
I have a gaggle of these antique decoy geese.  They are made of sawdust and glue.  I had to have them.
I love the way he peeks out at you.  Surprise!
 It can be something as simple as a flag...
or this shallow cement bowl....Birdbath? Flower Pot Liner?
Who looks great!  
I like to group objects together to create and interesting area.  I just love the cement skull...what a find!
Even areas that are not quite filled in yet will have creatures peeking out in no time.
   We would love to hear about your ideas.
What objects do you place in your garden....I'd love to see them!

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