Monday, June 13, 2011

From Wow thats OMG

I have had a great yard sale season so far
I know you want to see what I've found!

First the cool stuff......

This little stool with it's tiled it!

This is the most interesting bird feeder I have ever come across
It's made out of a galvanized pail and a garbage can top and it will screw onto a pole

Here is a driftwood planter...well you have to put a pot inside...
Driftwood items are very popular right now so I was happy to find this.

 This wonderful folk art bird house with a tin roof....just so quaint

I cant believe I found this serving perfect to hold all my business cards
I love it so much I almost can't stand it

I was so happy to find this fish pitcher I almost knocked it over grabbing for it
but here it and sound

 This was one of the best finds.....a galvanized large metal locker

 But the weirdest thing, by far, was this empty wasp nest

And I was happy to have it


  1. lol...hmm..the nest...whatcha gonna do with it? I love the bird house!


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