Monday, November 19, 2012

An Easy Christmas Display with Lots of Charm

Capture the Imagination....With a Super Easy Christmas Display

I was lucky...awhile back I came across several of these large, vintage, covered jars
I've used them over and over again for many different items
This year I have transformed it into a Christmas Snow Scene
with just a few items I had around the house
I started out with some plain old rock salt in the bottom of the jar
and added a few bottle brush trees, some small shiny candy canes,
a vintage cardboard house ornament and a
Santa & Sleigh from a Christmas Village Set I have...simple, right!
You can literally use anything you have
We all probably have way too much Christmas decor
packed away....cause it is so irresistible
Here is the finished product

It took no time at all and I Love it


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  2. Sorry about that! I was doing some blog work for Lynn and forgot to sign out. I'm fired ;)

    My message was;
    This is so completely cute! I'll be featuring it in the highlight post! It's adorable.


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