Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sweet Little Boys Sailing Essay

I just had to share this sweet essay with you!
My friends 9 year old grandson needed to write an essay for a sailing contest at the Breakwater Yacht Club
He did end up winning one of the 5 prizes for 
1 week of free sailing lessons.
 This is what he wrote
Dear Breakwater Yacht Club:  My name is Sam & I live in Southampton.  Before I could even swim my Gram would take me to Sebonic Inlet & we would spend the day.  Quite often we would "ride the tide"
We would also just bob around on a boogie board for hours.  I remember I was afraid of the seaweed, as we floated along.  Gram told me it was Mermaid hair and so then it became fun to find different "hair" colors.  The first time I saw Periwinkles it was there as we walked along the dock searching for crabs.  We watched the motorboats, kayaks and sailboats go by and so I have always enjoyed the water.  My Mom is a gardener and traded her work for a 32' sailboat that is up on blocks in our yard.  I was given a small sailboat by one of her friends and I would like to learn to sail it.  This past winter I went with my Mom to Boating Safety.  
I was not old enough to be certified but the instructor said next year I could be her assistant & take the tests, too.  A local fisherman often takes me fishing and I have been scalloping and crabbing. 
Please consider me for one of the scholarships as I know the water will be a lifetime love for me and it will be so helpful and fun, too.  Thank you for offering this program
Sincerely, Sam ------


  1. I love the part about the seaweed being "Mermaid Hair"....adorable!

  2. So cute ! It brings me back when I learned to sail at the San Diego Yacht much fun !!!


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