Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Country Auctions Large and Small

I am addicted to going to auctions.  I can hardly contain my anticipation when I'm about to
attend one.  Small Auctions, Large Auctions....no matter.  I love them all!
 This is an auction house in a charming village on the East End of Long Island that handles quality antiques, paintings, Americana, sporting lots and generally high-end merchandise.
This is early morning at a Country Farm Auction near my home,
before most people have arrived for viewing
Even at a small auction there is plenty to choose from and you will probably
find something you just have to have.
  I Just Had To Have This! 
 Back to my charming little auction house.....
Here are some of the items displayed that were for sale recently.
 This wonderful auction house has both high and low end auctions.  The high end items are displayed in the building and shown on a screen in the tent. 
When they have a discovery auction the items are sold under the tent.

 Most auction houses will usually let you view the items several days before the auction

If it is a catalog auction you will find the item number attached to the item.

You can learn a lot by attending an auction and I guarantee, you will see things you have never seen before.  Many auction attendees are very knowledgeable and
willing to share what they've learned over the years
So, find out when there is a local auction
in your area and have a blast!

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  1. I can't blame you if you do. Especially if there are fabulous finds. Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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