Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Long Island Whale Watching

Our pod of friendly whales are almost here
 We have been busy working on our newly designed whales.  
They are made of antique barn wood with a nice thickness and are quite solid. 

We have several sizes with each having different patinas....
waxed, oiled or completely natural, making them similar.....yet each one an individual.
This particular variety is mounted on on a metal rod and attached to a piece of driftwood.  
We will have many other varieties, including hanging, shelf sitters,
painted etc. along with several different styles and shapes.
Many of them have been cut out so as to use a knot in the wood as the whales eye.....

 We are working diligently to get them up for sale on the website
by the beginning of next week...November 7th or 8th. 
We will have other surprises also

They are swimming our way.....as fast as they can!


  1. Those are AWESOME! This just gave me some great inspiration for a nursery! Great Job on all of your whales :)

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  3. Oh. Em. Ge! I am in LOVE with those sail boats! Great stuff. Thanks for commenting on my Driftwood Christmas Trees. We both clearly have great taste in decor. :)
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. I love your driftwood creations. I happen to live on the Chesapeake Bay but I never see any here! Not fair! You must be on the Eastern Shore of Va. Is that where your booth is? I'd love to come see it sometime. Thanks for visiting my blog....I'm going to follow you so I can keep track of all your goodies!


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