Monday, May 14, 2012

Simple - Inexpensive - Trouble Free Garden Tips

It's May, and in our yard, 
on the Eastern End of Long Island,
 the Daffodils and Lilacs have bloomed. 
 They are our earliest bloomers, along with Tulips,
 which I don't plant anymore because the squirrels steal them.

My style of gardening is slightly different from most gardeners...I am lazy but I love beauty!
Here are some of my tried and true's of gardening....
I love to plant my Daffodils within a group of trees, where nothing else will grow easily.
They bloom before the tree leaves block out the sun. 
 If it is hard digging, I just pour dirt on top of the bulbs instead of planting
 them in the 100% of the time and is much easier. 
(don't tell the professional gardeners)

It's now time to start or to refurbish your flower gardens.

 I am a big believer in ground cover for a number of my gardens
When you first buy ground cover, you should buy 3 or 4 different kinds and also find out if they bloom, which I think is a great idea.  In a year or two your gardens will have all the ground cover you want and plenty for re-planting in other spots.

Also, think about buying types with variegated leaves....the shade differences make the garden look more interesting versus just a blanket of solid green.

As the summer goes on, there will be flowering perennials
 that grow up through this ground cover
 I also dot the gardens with a few flat stones,
 that will hold pots of annuals for added color.

If you are starting or refurbishing a garden, you should try to get free plants....most people are happy to share what has overgrown in their gardens.  Some people often sell their extras in front of their houses, very inexpensively.  I bought one Columbine
 from a homeowner 2 years ago and this year they have multiplied into 20.

Speaking of a type of plant you can often get free from neighbors etc. are Iris',
 which like ground cover, tend to spread. 
 I just keep making new gardens,
 but some people like to keep their gardens more contained and discard their extras.

This is a common Iris that you find in almost all Grandma's gardens. 
I found some curbside, and have gotten some from neighbors etc...
All Were Free!

 One big thing to remember right now 
 is not to go overboard and buy all your perennials at one time. 
 I know it's easy to get "Spring Fever" and overspend at the garden store.
It is more productive to buy a few, and see how they do....and then try to buy
 many more at the end of the season....
when plants are ON SALE and generally half price

Don't buy any plants in full bloom.  
Try to buy plants that are fully budded but haven't fully bloomed yet.
 Your enjoyment will be longer. 
Clematis is a very showy climbing flower that gives a lot of bang for it's buck
at $12 - $20.  You can buy Spring or Fall bloomers and they come in many colors and sizes.

We will be back with more pictures and tips as our garden changes through the seasons.


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  2. those are such great tips! i love that you say you're lazy with gardening, lol, b/c so am i! but i want the prettiness, so i do it anyway.

  3. alright, officially an official follower!

  4. You have great tips and beautiful gardens. I love all your pictures, especially the irises! Thanks for coming by and linking up at the garden party! :)

  5. Sherron, this is so beautiful and I love the "lazy" tips. "I'm lazy but I love beauty!" That's a great line. Thanks for stopping at Quirky Vistas and commenting!


  6. These are some great tips! When I first got into gardening I went overboard, spent almost $100, on plants and most of them died within a months time. It was either to hot or I over watered them :( Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe one day I'll give it another shot. I'm now a new follower and would love if you could follow me back. Thanks


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