Monday, August 19, 2013

Buffy, My Paddle Board Loving Dog

My Dog, Buffy, is fairly new to the family. 
We only have him about a year,
but he has taken to the water like nobody's business!
(we adopted him from a shelter about a year ago)
Right from the beginning he was
quite comfortable in the water

His balance was great, and even if he falls off
he can get right back on by himself
As soon as we get to the waters edge he is eager to jump in
and I have trouble staying ahead of him
All in all, I had a very relaxing vacation....
which I really needed. 
On another note.....this is my find of the week
I just love this step ladder.

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  1. I love dogs! Your Buffy is very cute! My dog loves water too, look here: Sory my English!


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