Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sitting in my kitchen

A few days ago I was sitting at my kitchen table and I noticed the way the light was streaming in....across the room and across the objects on the cabinet below.  I saw the cabinet with fresh eyes.  It is original paint and has been in my kitchen for quite some time.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  The picture has not been set up....cropped or changed in any way....I just thought it was so perfect....not contrived. 

So then I decided to keep looking around the kitchen because the quality of the light was so spectacular, and find other areas to photograph while sitting in my chair.

Wire trivet and scale

My wonderful original painted cabinet

Close ups of some pottery and fishing floats
More things I like ....succulents and my old lead deer...what a spectacular morning.


  1. Ooh - I love your things. That first picture though, really really beautiful, and I love the glimpse of the picket fence in the distance.

  2. You have some very lovely bits and pieces.

  3. Yes, the first picture is the best, for sure.
    Thank you both for the kind words.

  4. Beautiful! I love the color you painted your kitchen! Do you mind sharing the name of the color?
    Health and happiness to you and yours!

  5. I LOVE that photo. I appreciate the artfulness of people using actions and textures and bells and whistles, but nothing beats good photos straight off the camera in my humble opinion. No hiding behind the gizmos. :-) Just beautiful and so serene...


  6. Your photo is so pretty. I adore all your collections. The yellow distressed cabient is amazing.

  7. You have some amazing pieces. I have done this before.... Some times you'll be home for the day and your house just has a different look to it. It's because your not usually there at that time of day. Mid mornings are like that for me. Pretty! :)


    P.S. I'm your newest follower!


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