Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentines Sundae

Tasty looking...actually it is a bath bomb & bath salts in an Ice Cream Sundae dish!

I bought these bath fizzy bombs and loved them so much....
Probably because they reminded me of an Ice Cream Sundae....yum!

 I happened to have a box of these vintage Ice Cream Sundae Dishes....
new/old stock from an old drug store.
(actually the same drug store that I got the green pharmacy jars from....small world!)
The colors were so tasty looking and the scents were lovely...

Pear, Red Clover & Tea, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Spearmint Rosemary,
Black Rasberry & Vanilla, Crystal Blue Waters, Lavender, etc. 

I added 4 ounces of bath salts to the bottom of the Ice Cream Sundae Dish

The green salts are Pearberry....de-lish
and the white salts are Cool Fresh Aloe

They also looked great displayed simply, in a decorative white dish

To purchase our "Ice Cream Sundae" Bath Gift Set 
go to our website Small Holdings Farm and click the "shop online" tab

Have a Happy, Relaxing and Perfectly Lovely Valentines Day


  1. hi sherron....thanks for stopping by our blog (The Gilded JunqueYard)....i can tell that i would LOVE to shop your store/barn/sales etc!! Those french beds are incredible!! and the price is unbelievable---certainly not the NYC prices i'm usually discouraged by when visiting my sister in CT (Redding) I've sent her your link so she (or we next time im there)can plan a road trip.

  2. Hi Sherron! Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your barn sales look amazing!!




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