Monday, January 10, 2011

A Rare Virginia Shore Winter Wonderland

Walter and I are back from our trip to Virginia....a well needed rest

Here are some photos of a rare snowstorm on the
Eastern Shore of Virginia where we stayed
It was both scary and beautiful....the wind was fierce and boy was it cold

The wind was whipping...and where I was standing,
to take the photo, was a solid sheet of ice

The Sky was grey and hauntingly beautiful
It was sooooooo quiet....not a creature was stirring (except me)

The salt spray was drenching me....I wish you could hear the roar of the wind

Here's the sun glistening on the ice the next day

It was so breathtakingly beautiful.....I took so many photos
 that it's hard to choose which ones to show you
Then....all of a sudden the sun came out and it was gone....

The birds came out to play again
We left to go to the Antique Mall in Virginia, called

32124 Lankford Highway
Keller, Virginia   23401
We have several large booths
Walter is a big's a lot of work keeping things fresh
But we truly love it
We hope you stop by if you are passing through. 
        You can visit with the owners, Len & Ellie Cackowiski or Lois their friendly Manager

This is a HUGE, State of the art, Antique Mall with 150 Dealers
There is a vast selection of antiques and vintage items
as well as a Christmas Tree Shop, Wine Shop and a nice selection of newer items 

Open Monday through Saturday  from 10am - 5pm 
Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Phone # 757-442-4150

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