Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Unbeliveably Beautiful Snow Storm

Upon returning home......we were hit with another snow storm
Different from the Virginia shore but just as beautiful in its' own way
I always make sure I feed my birds.  This large parrot cage makes a wonderful playground for my feathered friends.  They just love hopping in and out, on top of and around it. I haven't cleaned the snow out of it yet but the other feeder is quite active. 

The way the snow stuck to the bushes and trees was quite beautiful

My Barn looked very far away.........

I decided it was better to stay inside and watch my friends from the window....brrrrr


  1. These are great pictures!! I love them, as much as I love the sun, you really make winter look amazing. I think that no matter where one lives, it is important to embrace it all, or else you miss out on the fun. I think your pictures capture the beauty of winter. well done!

  2. Sealaura....thanks for the kind words. My assistant, Linda, is heading for the Sun in AZ this to follow. Sherron

  3. Hi again! I just saw the candles that Linda from Lime in the Coconut won from you, they look divine, I wish I could smell them!

  4. What a beautiful snow with the sides of the trees covered like that. Stay warm :)



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