Monday, May 23, 2011

English Lavender & Other Stuff

I am in the process of making a lovely English Lavender garden. 
I have my spot all picked out.

I have chosen the Hidcote Variety

The spot needs some serious weeding to make it lovely

I wonder how much they will spread this year?

Another project I have been working on is filling all the containers I have collected from yard sales over the last few months with year round succulents and several varieties of Hens and Chickens.  
 I am always on the lookout for  all sorts of cast iron...
or other heavy metal containers.  I can always buy an old cast iron pot or other interesting old rusty metal container for less than $3  at a yard sale.

Keep your eye out for containers with the bottom partly rusted out.....they are perfect!

I would have to drill holes in the bottom for drainage anyway so it's a win win

Succulents need very little care so they are perfect in containers that add interest to your garden.
You can tuck a pot or bucket of them in almost any corner.

They will survive the winter even in very cold areas and in the spring they will have made many little babies that you can fill up more containers with.

  I love putting them in unexpected containers like this handled pot.  The pot can even be hung up or laid on it's side after they are rooted.
These have just been started but they will be filled up in no time flat

And look more like this

They are wonderful tucked into rocks 
near the side of my pond
Now to decide what to put in these two fabulous 
cement planters....decisions - decisions


  1. What interesting containers,,,,, great suggestions.

  2. your gardens are wonderful! I want to join in your party...but first I need to get your logo and put it in my file and in my menu....and then need a post to share...I am so glad you stopped by!
    I may need to be for the visit...I am your newest follower!

  3. one more thing...what logo do you want me to use for this meme??? you can email me at
    I would love to put it in the blog party list on my menu as well....let me know!!! *)

  4. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I love all your rust containers! Jean

  5. Love all those old rusty containers full of Hens & Chicks!

  6. I have the containers. You are giving me the urge to put them to work.


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