Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Scents - Candle Making - In Full Swing

We are in the process of making our Spring & Summer Candle Dew Drops,
Lime-Coconut-Vanilla, Summer Citrus and of course....French Lavender. 
There are about 10 new scents and I love them all.

We melt the wax either in the microwave or on a hotplate...
sometimes both are going at once!

Choosing  just the right soy wax is important for clarity, scent throw etc.

Next is to check that the temperature is just right for adding the scents and pouring...

then measuring out the correct amount of scented oil

Getting the wick size right is a many rules. 
The only way to get it right is to experiment

Pouring can be a little messy but you know you're almost done

A stable place to set them to cool.

And then the finished product....creamy white - spring scented candles

All thats left to do is make labels.

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