Monday, December 9, 2013

Vintage Farm Table Rehab

I came across this wonderful farm table
but it needs a little work.
Found in an old dingy basement, the top is cracked,
the legs were shortened and it is filthy!
 Nothing a little loving care will not fix
Just look at the detail....what a gem

First we need to fix the crack...

There is a crack that runs for several feet down the table
and it makes the table surface uneven.

So Walter is going to brace it from underneath
to pull the surface into alignment.

Next the leg brace is coming out so
you can easily put your chair under the table

The other thing is that the table measures
8'  long x 30" wide
but it is about 3" we have to increase the height.
That's what these babies are for....
(Never throw out anything!!!!)
and if you look closely at the previous picture,
 you can see that the table
originally had some sort of ball feet on it.

Stay tuned.....
we will show you the finished table shortly

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